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Buck material conveying and storage solutions and handling equipment provider
 Main products: Bulk material handling equipment  design and manufacture,large parts and components machining, port machinery, marine and offshore crane, EPC.  Our company is the authorized distributor of online sales in overseas markets of Huadian Caofeidian heavy industry equipment Co., Ltd which is a state company of China.  Our company is also the authorized distributor of online sales in overseas markets of Liaoning Zhigu Mine Engineering Co., Ltd. 
Port bulk material handling equipment & EPC
Bucket wheel reclaimer
Ship unloader
Ship loader for transportation
Circular stockyard
Pipe belt conveyor
Bridge scraper reclaimer for longitudinal stockyar
side scraper reclaimer for longitudinal stockyard
5. large parts for heavy duty equipment machining
9. tail lift
A / Rich experience
C / Reliable product quality
B / Advanced technology R&D
D / Strong production capability
Our company and our partners are with more than 20 years experience in bulk material handling industry.
Our company has passed ISO9001、ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 inspection,which ensure the quality of product design, manufacture and delivery.
Our company and our partners owns it`s strong R&D team in Shanghai, Shenyang and CaofeiDian, Tangshan, Hebei.
We have a strong production team,various manufacture  and text equipment and excellent quality inspection team. The company also owns its own wharf which provide economic and fast machine transportation services for overseas customers.
Design and fabricate
Sign contract
Installation and commissioning
Project acceptance
Negotiate and confirm project
Design and fabricate the product according to contract
Negotiate and sign contract
Erection on site
Shanghai Sunshine Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. takes the development of precision manufacturing capability as its strategic goal, integrates design capability and manufacturing capability, designs professional equipment and systems for handling various dry bulk cargoes, and specializes in manufacturing large and medium-sized precision parts for the equipment. Shanghai Sunshine has excellent R & D and design ability of bulk cargoes conveying equipment and integrates the outstanding manufacturing capacity and years of rich manufacturing experience of Tonglu Fuchunjiang Power Generation factory. Shanghai Sunshine has strong technical ability and production ability with high quality and low labor price. Our load and unload equipment including train tipping machine, ship unloader, ship loader, etc. Our conveying equipment including belt conveyor,screw conveyor, chain bucket conveyor, scraper conveyor, inner by pass low-pressure dense phase pneumatic conveying system, etc. And our storage equipment including bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, harrow reclaimer, scraper conveyor,etc. In addition Shanghai Sunshine also provide parts and welding steel structure for heavy equipment.
To be sincere and keep moving! Shanghai Sunshine Industrial TechnologyCo., Ltd.  always dedicate to high quality products and service!
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